[at-l] who cares? Re: Grandma Gatewood a fraud? Earl Schaffer says so.

Sloetoe sloetoe at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 5 10:44:10 CDT 2007

### OK, well, a friend of mine got a Thanksgiving
phone call once (at home, not on trail, 'kay?) from
Dave Matthews. I once carried BBKing's Lucille off the
tour bus, and another time carried Harry Chapin's
guitars onto the tour bus (different bus). And a hiker
I know has seen John Mellencamp's wifie in skimpy
clothing. (I mean live, not in a magazine picture.)
Wait. What were we talking about?

--- Bob C <ellen at clinic.net> wrote:

> Grandma Gatewood certainly hiked "on the AT." In my
> conversations with Earl Shaffer, ...
> > ------------Original Message------------
> > From: Dust <pctttdust at yahoo.com>> >
> > Quite a few people have described Grandma Gatewood
> as a huckster who never really hiked the AT.  This
was the opinion of the granddaddy of the 
> > A.T., Earl Shaffer.  At the PA Ruck in 2002,...

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