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Because MATC is strictly a trail maintaining club, founded by Myron Avery in 1935 to maintain and complete the trail in Maine, most of us joined because we are into clearing blowdowns and cutting brush. We have expanded over the decades to employ four campsite suopervisors and trail runners, and hire professionals to work with volunteers to do heavy rock work and such.

Because of these extra burdens we now have a budget of around $200,000. Annual dues raise $9,000 of this amount. A finance committee raises the balance through annual appeal letters and grants from businesses like LL Bean, and help from ATC and the National Park Service.

One volunteer handles all the membership and annual appeal mailings -- sending out 600 dues notices, and several thousand letters to a mailing list of past and potential contributors. Members get a second letter containing a membership card. Those who make a contribution get a thank you note.

I would send your suggestion to our membership chair, but she is stepping down at the annual MATC meeting on April 14 at the University of Maine in Orono. If anyone would like to thank her for around 50 years of service to the Appalachian Trail in Maine, her addresses are Barbara Clark,49 Old Carriage Rd. Auburn, ME 04210, 207-783-7015, bclark228 at aol.com.

BTW the annual meeting that starts at 8 a.m. and ends around 4 p.m. on the UMO campus, honors the University's Outing Club for 60 years of work on the trail. Everyone is welcome. There is no fee.

I have no idea who Barbara's replacement will be. But when they find someone I will forward your suggestion. My greatest worry is that whoever takes Barbara's place will decline the extra volunteer job of mailing our five-times a year newsletter. If so the job will revert to me, which is not something I look forward to. It kills most of a day. A week ago me, my wife and daughter sent out 2,000 local land trust newsletters. It took virtually all of Sunday, plus an hour or so Monday persuading the Post Office that I knew more about the complicated bulk mailing rules than he did, and the rules required him to stock some required stickers that tell mail clerks what is in each 50 newsletter bundle.

Believe me, boring as cutting brush on a trail can be, it's nothing compared to putting on 2,000 address labels, and sorting them in ways that qualify for low cost bulk mail rates.


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> Bob C wrote, in regards to donations made to MATC in honor or memory of 
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> >Keep in mind that we are all volunteers with varying talents and time. 
> None of us do a perfect job. A lot of us do a good and useful job. 
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> There's no doubt about that. But, if one of the volunteers would send 
> one note to the person being honored with the donation...instead of 
> sending me three notes asking for more donations...I'd donate more. 
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