[at-l] Trail Days Tin Man & Dawg Friday Night Hiker BBQ

Gadog430 gadog430 at charter.net
Sun Apr 1 21:29:18 CDT 2007

Miss Janet,

We just need you to be honorary cook.
I will get with off-line with a few other suggestions.

Don't forget, TDz is about a month before this Dawg heads to Alaska for the
Leukemia Marathon.
I will be walking 8-10 miles on the Creeper on Saturday morning. I have a
friend shuttling.
I know there were some that were interested in joining me. Just keep it in


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> WOW... we are talking about Trail Days at my breakfast table and here you
> all planning a BBQ!!  Great minds think alike.
> I will be happy to help out... Tin Man in a Coconut Bra... who wants to
> that!!
> Everyone should look at the schedule for events on Friday afternoon. They
> are really bumping up the 2000 miler reception into a really fun afternoon
> with alot of events. We would really like to see it feel more like the
> opening night of the Gathering. Be looking for the call for contributions
> party foods for the reception.
> This years Official theme is... The People are the Trail!!  So we will be
> planning lots of ways to get lots of people involved. I will be hosting
> Trail Jeopardy again this year and I hope to see some of you field a team.
> It is a blast and we have great prizes this year.
> Also, the officially unofficial theme for my campground shenanigans and
> hiker parade will be...
> MIss Janet's 3 Blaze Circus (white, blue and yellow, of course!)... So, if
> anyone has any old costumes or props that might be fun for a circus
> send me an email!
> Miss Janet
> On 3/30/07, Gadog430 <gadog430 at charter.net> wrote:
> >
> >  Hello to everyone. It's about that time again. Can I get a
> >
> > Tin Man and I would like to invite everyone to our 3rd Annual Friday
> > Hiker Appreciation TDz BBQ.
> >
> > Dawg will have raffle tickets for a 15" FLAT PANEL High Definition TV.
> > proceeds go to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Dawg is going to Alaska
> > June to walk for Leukemia Patients.
> >
> > Here are this year's details:
> > >>The theme is considered Hawaiian...so WEAR YOUR HAWAIIAN SHIRTS AND
> > LEIED.
> > >>As always Tin Man is the one in the coconut bra doin' the Hula. Mrs.
> > Man is the laughing one.
> > >>Dawg...well...what she wears can't be said outside Trail Days. You
> > see it.
> > >>Shell-no e-y has the bail money.
> > >>Hot Dog & Miss Janet will try to burn down Damascus...I mean cook.
> > >>Puppy Dawg is coming this year. She cooks better than Hot Dog.
> > >>Dutch Treat is providing the musical entertainment
> >
> > Food Details:
> > >>Tin Dawgs & Dawg Burgers will be served at 6:30 at the Anti Gravity
> > vendor tent on Friday night
> > >>We will also furnish the fixings: Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo, Lettuce,
> > Onions & Tomatoes.
> > >>We will furnish chips.
> > >>We will furnish plates, & napkins & utensils.
> >
> > We are asking for the following:
> > >>Please bring your own drink.
> > >>If you would like to contribute, please bring a side item...if
> > in a disposable container. If you are willing to bring something, please
> > email Dawg at gadog430 at charter.net and tell her if it has alcohol in
> > it...ok...I mean...tell her what it is.
> >
> > Please come and join us in our fellowship with the Hiker Community. Tin
> > Man and I cannot express what your friendship has meant to our lives
> > the years. We hope that we are able to give even a little bit back.
> > feed you guys & girls until we run out of food.
> >
> > Sincerely,
> > Tin Man & Dawg
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> --
> Miss Janet
> www.missjanetshouse.com
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