[at-l] Trail Days Tin Man & Dawg Friday Night Hiker BBQ

Miss Janet themissjanet at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 15:53:24 CDT 2007

WOW... we are talking about Trail Days at my breakfast table and here you
all planning a BBQ!!  Great minds think alike.

I will be happy to help out... Tin Man in a Coconut Bra... who wants to miss

Everyone should look at the schedule for events on Friday afternoon. They
are really bumping up the 2000 miler reception into a really fun afternoon
with alot of events. We would really like to see it feel more like the
opening night of the Gathering. Be looking for the call for contributions of
party foods for the reception.

This years Official theme is... The People are the Trail!!  So we will be
planning lots of ways to get lots of people involved. I will be hosting
Trail Jeopardy again this year and I hope to see some of you field a team.
It is a blast and we have great prizes this year.

Also, the officially unofficial theme for my campground shenanigans and the
hiker parade will be...
MIss Janet's 3 Blaze Circus (white, blue and yellow, of course!)... So, if
anyone has any old costumes or props that might be fun for a circus theme...
send me an email!

Miss Janet

On 3/30/07, Gadog430 <gadog430 at charter.net> wrote:
>  Hello to everyone. It's about that time again. Can I get a
> Tin Man and I would like to invite everyone to our 3rd Annual Friday Night
> Hiker Appreciation TDz BBQ.
> Dawg will have raffle tickets for a 15" FLAT PANEL High Definition TV. All
> proceeds go to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Dawg is going to Alaska in
> June to walk for Leukemia Patients.
> Here are this year's details:
> >>The theme is considered Hawaiian...so WEAR YOUR HAWAIIAN SHIRTS AND GET
> >>As always Tin Man is the one in the coconut bra doin' the Hula. Mrs. Tin
> Man is the laughing one.
> >>Dawg...well...what she wears can't be said outside Trail Days. You gotta
> see it.
> >>Shell-no e-y has the bail money.
> >>Hot Dog & Miss Janet will try to burn down Damascus...I mean cook.
> >>Puppy Dawg is coming this year. She cooks better than Hot Dog.
> >>Dutch Treat is providing the musical entertainment
> Food Details:
> >>Tin Dawgs & Dawg Burgers will be served at 6:30 at the Anti Gravity Gear
> vendor tent on Friday night
> >>We will also furnish the fixings: Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo, Lettuce,
> Onions & Tomatoes.
> >>We will furnish chips.
> >>We will furnish plates, & napkins & utensils.
> We are asking for the following:
> >>Please bring your own drink.
> >>If you would like to contribute, please bring a side item...if possible
> in a disposable container. If you are willing to bring something, please
> email Dawg at gadog430 at charter.net and tell her if it has alcohol in
> it...ok...I mean...tell her what it is.
> Please come and join us in our fellowship with the Hiker Community. Tin
> Man and I cannot express what your friendship has meant to our lives over
> the years. We hope that we are able to give even a little bit back. We'll
> feed you guys & girls until we run out of food.
> Sincerely,
> Tin Man & Dawg

Miss Janet

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