[at-l] Australia and New Zealand travel journal updated

Mara Factor m_factor at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 30 08:41:09 CST 2006

In 2003, I spent the months of January through March traveling in Australia 
and New Zealand.  With plenty of internet access, I was able to send 
frequent email updates.  At times however, I had to send very abbreviated 
journal entries.  It's taken over three years, but I finally got around to 
revisiting my hand-written journal.  I've updated the rough page I had 
posted on my web site upon my return to the U.S. in the spring of '03 to 
include the full text of my journal (as best I could read my own 


I've CC'ed the AT list as my time on Tasmania was punctuated with visits 
with AT thruhikers.  Stuart, from at-l, put me in touch with his Dad, Mad 
Max.  I ended up staying at Max's place and visiting with both him and Alf.

I also ran into a El Chasqui while on the Overland Track.  We didn't know 
each other and we were going in opposite directions but for some reason, we 
stopped to talk.  Most other hikers, laboring under huge and heavy loads, 
could barely spit out a greeting as they went by but El Chasqui was 
different.  I realized later that he was smiling.  I probably was, too.  We 
were both going light and enjoying the hiking as much as the camping 
(hutting?), so neither of us felt compelled to keep walking when we met.  We 
both had plenty of time to get where we were going.  It didn't take long to 
figure out we had both thruhiked the AT.  We ended up chatting for 45 
minutes before continuing in opposite directions.

Small world.

Oh yeah, I've indexed the trails I've hiked on my Trip Reports page.  For 
hikes that were part of larger trips, these links go directly to the 
relevant sections within the larger reports (where possible).

http://friends.backcountry.net/m_factor/reports.html (scroll down or click 
on Trails List)

Wishing I were traveling again...


P.S.  My housing situation is up in the air right now.  If my landlords sell 
this house (I rent one of three units), I may have to move.  Until the 
situation settles one way or the other, I won't be doing any long trips.  I 
am open to suggestions and opportunities for interesting shorter trips.  
Ideas, anyone?

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