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I thik your brother might be interested in a quilt.  These are not the 
quilts you use on your bed, rather they are designed in mummy form somewhat 
like sleeping bags.  Nunatak has one that goes down to 5 degrees.


There are no zippers and if your brother doesn't toss and turn too much, I 
think these are reasonable options.  With any luck, forgoing the zipper may 
alleviate the phobic reaction and should it strike, he can get out more 
easily than with a zipper.

Your brother might also want a down hood as quilts don't have attached hoods 
like other sleeping bags.

FWIW, the coldest Nunatak bags would not be warm enough for winter camping 
in the Whites so please be sure to understand the conditions you expect to 
use the bag in before you purchase...

Stitches, AT99

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>From: "Lilla Thompson" <lthompson at hollins.edu>
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>Subject: [at-l] FW: FW:   Winter bags/claustrophobia
>Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 09:11:25 -0500
>...And here's what me bro replied after seeing Black Wolfe & Jan's posts
>on the subject (thanks to all who have replied...I'll be forwarding the
>others as well, though it sounds like he's got a more serious problem
>than even I knew ;)
>The first reply made me hyperventilate. I would've been hysterical if I
>had had 4 zippers to negotiate in order to get out of my sleeping
>apparatus. In fact, I would never have gotten through 4 zippings IN!
>I don't think Jan is right--at least as far as my psyche and my present
>sleeping bag are concerned. It's a genuine phobia. I don't think the
>problem is a mummy bag that leaves only my face exposed so much as it is
>the confinement of my arms. If there were a bag with lots of shoulder
>and arm room, but that still zipped tight around my head, that I think
>would be alright. Are there such bags?
>You have my permission to post this, if you like.
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