[at-l] western NC this morning - correction

The Weathercarrot weathercarrot at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 24 08:38:40 CST 2006

in the first post, meant to say 35 instead of 350. typo....


A classic late fall inversion pattern today in the southern Appalachians.
For example,  the 19-degree difference this morning between Banner Elk and
Beech Mtn, 26 in Banner Elk and 45 atop Beech Mountain, separated by only a
few miles and about 1,300 vertical feet.  In this pattern the peaks have a
relatively small temperature differential from morning to afternoon (about
10-13 degrees) while many of the valleys can have as much as a 35-50 degree
rise from morning low to afternoon high. Oconaluftee in the Smokies and West
Jefferson in Ashe county are most known for this phenomenon. The pattern
should last through the weekend.


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