[at-l] Happy Thanksgiving, at-lers! :O)

Jim Bullard jim.bullard at gmail.com
Thu Nov 23 07:27:47 CST 2006

I'll echo the thanks to Ryan but I'll go further. An e-friend sent me
an internet rant a couple of days ago about how wonderful things were
100 years ago compared to now and got me thinking about how things had
changed since 1906. I won't go into the whole list but one thing
relevant to AT-L is that 100 years ago there was no AT. I'll concede
to my ranting friend that there are lots of problems we have today
that we didn't have 100 years ago but OTOH lots of things are good
about living now including the AT and all our other trails both long
and short. Happy hiking to one and all.

On 11/22/06, Linda Patton <lpatton at mailer.fsu.edu> wrote:
> Teej wrote:
> > ...I'm thankful this evening for many things, including connecting
> > with so many people through Ryan's generous gift to us.
> Amen to that.  I just got back Sunday night from eleven days being
> the basecamp security guard, hospitality hostess, and general
> housekeeper for a trail crew that put together an 80-ft fiberglass
> composite bridge and swung it, using human power and rigging set up
> by an expert from Idaho, onto abutments on the banks of Monkey Creek
> on the Florida Trail--the longest bridge, and first of its kind, on
> the Florida Trail.  Tuesday I went back and blazed the new section
> of trail leading up to the bridge on the north side.  Tomorrow I'm
> going back to finish the job on the south side.  Tonight I had
> "Thanksgiving Dinner" at the Outback steak house with my daughter
> and son-in-law.  Tomorrow I get to feast in the piney woods.  :-)
> Happy turkey day, y'all.  ~~ eArThworm
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Jim Bullard

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