[at-l] Do you love mountains?

Linda Patton lpatton at mailer.fsu.edu
Wed Nov 8 12:19:46 CST 2006

Below is an excerpt from a blog I read, called "Fragments from Floyd" 
(  Watch the video.  I had no idea.
	~~ eArThworm

"A bad dream. Mountaintop Removal is a bad dream that is a new reality every 
day for someone, for some family, for some community somewhere in West 
Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee or Virginia. And unless we force ourselves to 
look at it in all its ugliness, unless we come to see our own complicity by 
our very silence and by our consumption without regard for the costs, there 
will be no end to it.

Some of you who are from or have a heart for the southern Appalachian 
mountains are surely aware of the costs of "cheap coal". Most of you who read 
this here are genuinely uninformed, and there's a reason for that. Until 
recently, the people most affected have not had sufficient voice to lift this 
issue above and against the powerful forces that want it invisible in the 
national media; that want vast stretches of remote, sparcely-settled, pristine 
watershed, forested plant and animal habitat and the physical context of 
mountain people's lives to be seen as nothing but "overburden". There has been 
an political policy of silence at the highest levels.

This must stop. We must be a part of the end of mountaintop removal for coal 

Please take a few minutes and watch this short video 
(http://ilovemountains.org/multimedia) from ilovemountains.org that just 
begins to tell the story. Do you love mountains? Then take 8 minutes to learn 
what's at stake."

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