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Marsha atrailhiker at adelphia.net
Tue Nov 7 11:27:48 CST 2006

I voted.....but made the mistake of walking into the voting area with a 
sheet of paper listing my preferences......can't remember all the issues and 
judges.....they told me I had to LEAVE or throw the paper away. I ate it 
with salt and pepper.

Then I was thrown in front of this gigantic computer screen. Clear 
instructions, but it was very different.....no more paper punching in Ohio 

Yes, please vote.


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> Many people, on this list, have expressed political positions on a variety 
> of topics.  I don't care what your politics are but I do care if you vote 
> or not.  Not voting today, why the hell not?  Are you going to let someone 
> determine the course of the country for the next two years?
> Bob
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