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It must be...never mind. :-)
-"Camo" (List simpleton)

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> In the grand scheme of things, you will never again be at the same 
> location you are at this moment. There is no return. You think you are 
> sitting still? Not hardly. I've always known this. I just never 
> looked it up and did the numbers. (which may be wrong) 
> You are sitting on a planet rotating 1000 MPH at the equator. This 
> planet has an orbital velocity of approx. 67000 MPH on it's journey 
> around the sun. A star that itself has an orbital velocity of about 
> 484344 MPH on it's journey around the galactic center. So far, that 
> indicates we are moving, at this very moment, 552344 MPH thru random 
> space. That doesn't even begin to take into account galaxy movement, 
> galaxy clusters, ad infinitum. 
> And, it's such a nice full moon. 
> :-) 
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