[at-l] Continued RD Adventures

Logan Park park at vt.edu
Sat Nov 4 21:52:32 CST 2006

Editorial note: Sadly, Hoplite was not with RockDancer.  He's using my 
rainjacket for the remainder of his hike.  (We didn't have time to get 
him to multiple gear stores to replace his before I could drop him off 
then dash to class.) 


Marsha wrote:
> What a report Kinnickinic!
> I didn't know Hoplite was out there too.
> Ponderer with you also - sounds like a lot of fun even though Spinster had 
> abdominal problems.
> You've been a busy person. Thank you for the report. I always love hearing 
> about RockDancer. I do not know the other hikers but have heard their names 
> mentioned.
> Marsha

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