[at-l] Continued RD Adventures

Raphael Bustin rafeb at speakeasy.net
Fri Nov 3 17:34:38 CST 2006

At 05:54 PM 11/3/2006 -0500, Kinnickinic wrote:

>  I have forgotten which date I last reported about our trail-angeling RD 
> and Spinster, but I think it was after we had also picked up Laceys and 
> Pi but before they headed south, going farther per day than RD and Spnster.
>  Anyway, that morning we took Pi and Lacies to their drop-off point and 
> then returned to the Baptist hostel at Troutdale to get Rockdancer and 
> Spinster, who planned to hike from Dickey Gap to Massie Gap.  The thought 
> was that, if Pi and Lacies dawdled (not likely), they could catch up with them.

Laces and Pi!  I remember them from their register entries.  Glad to hear 
they're still going strong.

I followed them through NY/NJ/PA back in early/mid September.  They were a 
just ahead of me when I started, at Bear Mtn., and  I never did catch up 
with them.  It was obvious they were moving fast and not taking a lot of 

rafe b
aka terrapin

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