[at-l] Camping in Mass...

John Soboleski johns12312 at snet.net
Thu Nov 2 05:35:31 CST 2006

Felix J wrote:

>I assume that I can camp most any place out of sight in southern Mass. 
>Is that true? I'm most interested in the area a mile or two north of US 
>7 and the Housatonic River crossing (near G. Barrington). Is it alright 
>to camp somewhere in that area? Same goes for 15 miles north of there. 
>I'm lookin' to hike from Salisbury, CT to possibly US 20/Lee, MA in 
>about 3.5 days/4 nights. Then, hitching back to Salisbury.   Another 
>thing...are there still two shelters at Glen Brook/The Hemlocks? If so, 
A few months ago a ridge runner told me Glen Brook was going to be 
razed, soon. 

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